kun frateco kaj amo

Baltimore, 2020

My name is Junghyun.

A former student of physics and math, I currently study computational linguistics. My other interests include geography, baseball and its analytics, public transport, and low-cost travel.

Salzburg, 2016


I’m the creator of Aatlanteanna, a language and people. What started as a rip-off Esperanto during an 8th grade Study hall now stands as my central identity. Inspired by the so-far mythical Atlantic civilization, this language attempts to recreate a modern product of the fictional, archaic influence on the Greek and Latin world.

Aatlanteannus flag


First, it was geography. I love to read and draw maps. In 6th grade, I started a geography forum that grew to attract more than 2500 members. My love for maps and geography culminated in my research project at Wolfram, where I trained computers to read maps.

Then, it was physics. What is stuff made of? How does the universe operate? Thankfully, I was able to attempt my share of question answering at Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik and the Johns Hopkins University. I studied the muon, measured dark matter, and derived quantum equations.

Now, it’s linguistics. How are languages learned? How are they represented in the brain, and how can they be represented in machines? I studied mathematical properties of language and its representations in neural networks at JHU’s Computation and Psycholinguistics Lab with Tal Linzen and Tom McCoy, and researched computational representations of linguistic structure at NCSOFT NLP. My current project lies in computational understanding of literary work at NCSOFT Research & Innovation.

모로 가도 서울만

I enjoy traveling, and can tell you a few ways to get from Seoul to Busan, and back. Sorry–it’s in Korean.


Content creating AI before it was cool!

IC 445

Ideas brewing…